Creating a social media platform for your company is a no-brainer. It’s a must in today’s electronic world.  We talked about communicating with and helping the groundswell support itself in previous blogs, but today we introduce the concept of energizing your customers.  Energizing is more than just replying to a customer inquiry or posting helpful tips to your followers, it is having those people send your companies message out to the social media world.  Spreading your message, products and reputation for free!  You can utilize companies to energize the groundswell for you, but that will cost money and you won’t know if it’s been money well spent until months later.

To help you energize follow these five simple steps:

  1. Ask yourself if you want to energize?
    1. Make sure energizing your product makes sense. Do you have strong brand recognition, loyalty, or uniqueness? Something that is easily substituted might not benefit from this approach.
  2. Ensure you know your social technographic profile!
    1. Are your customers even online? Do you have enough of a following on social media to energize them and extend their reach?
  3. What do your customers need?
    1. Do you need to sell them on a product, offer advice, or create a community to generate loyalty?
  4. Pick the best approach based on #2 and 3.
    1. Make sure whatever platform and approach you use will accomplish what you found in step 2 and 3.
  5. Be committed!
    1. This isn’t going to be quick. You won’t be able to make one Tweet or Facebook post and then you’re done. Make sure you allocate resources and time to follow this through and ensure you maximize your ROI.

Following these five steps will get you successfully on your way to energizing your customers. Remember to do the leg work ahead of time and know where you want to go with your social media business plan.

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